AstroPlex Store

Payments are handled securely by PayPal. PayPal also allows you to pay with any major Credit / Debit card providers if you do not already have an account. To do this, select the option to 'Pay with a Debit or Credit card'.

Refund Policy

Purchases are intangeable and are non-refundable under any circumstance.

Attempting to refund or chargeback will result in immediate termination from the network, the forums and any other related objects.

Delievery Notice

Payments are processed almost instantly. However, they could take up to 5-10 minutes to deliver. We recommend being online during the initial purchase. Some purchases are subject to a "visual glitch"; relogging once received should fix anything.

Payment Support

AstroPlex is not in any way affiliated with Minecraft, Mojang AB and/or Microsoft Corporation. Please contact store@astroplex.net for any questions, issues, or concerns. Please do not contact Mojang/Microsoft. However, before contacting us, ensure you are firmilar with our Refund Policy and our Terms & Conditions